How Nikhil Kumar and His Team Built The ‘BHIM’ App In Just 3 Weeks


Demonetization was a soothing shock to everyone.
Some have hailed it as the strongest initiative of the government to derail corruption and some believed that it will only amplify the problems for the common man. No matter how much we are debating it, the first consequences of demonetization have been overwhelming and the government seemed half-ready to do so. However, on the bright side, all the deceptive people who committed black money fraud suffered a massive loss.

PM Modi said very clearly - It's time to go digital. Keeping this ambition in mind, Nikhil Kumar came up with the "BHIM" application to help people deal with the cash crisis and make their payment method user-friendly and digital.

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Narendrdra Modi Bharat Interface for Money app or 'BHIM e-wallet app Crosses' 10 Million Downloads in 10 days 

The Bhimat Interface for Money (BHIM) application was launched on 30 December 2016 and has since been downloaded by more than 15 million users.
The features and elements of this application are different and more useful than other payment applications like "Paytm", "Freecharge" and "Mobikwik". This application is built on the technology known as UPI (Unified Payment Interface), which allows people to make telephone banking in an easy way. Unlike 'Paytm', the user does not have to withdraw money from his bank account, transfer it to his e-wallet and then make his payment. By using the UPI code, he can directly pay through his bank account.

How did Nikhil Kumar have this brilliant idea?
This idea came to him long before the storm of demonetisation attacked the economy. It was the way back in February 2016 when he and his team went to companies like 'Freecharge' and 'Flipkart' to promote their 'UPI' mechanism. In return, their idea was rejected.
Their fate changed after the dramatic change of note banning Modi came. The government was in great need of an application to facilitate cash transactions. It was then that the Nikhil team was asked to create a payment mechanism with a simple interface that could be used by all.
The "BHIM" application was born

He promised them that he would design the application in just three weeks. Finally, Nikhil was given three weeks. The first week was devoted to the conceptualization, design and prototyping of the application, while its development took the remaining two weeks. On December 25, the application was ready. Nikhil and his team went to Delhi to demonstrate the application to government departments like 'NITI Aayog' and the PMO.

In his speech at the Timeliness in Bengaluru, Nikhil recalled his meeting with the government:

"Everyone was very excited, and I remember the computer secretary turned to NITI Aayog's CEO and said it changed the game and they had to launch the app dramatically. Was that the name BHIM was chosen by Modi. "
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